Premarital Assistance Program|PA|

I get these questions regularly from singles; “I am dating this person and its getting really serious but i am confused and not sure if i should say yes or no”.


Did you know that there are 9 divorces between the time it takes a couple to recite their wedding vows (2 minutes)? Every thirteen seconds there is a divorce in the United States.This equals 277 divorces per hour, 6,646 divorces daily, 46,523 divorces per week and 2,419,196 divorces annually.


Over the years, we have seen increasing numbers of failed and struggling marriages. But rather than being reactive in our efforts to fix wrong decision making and lack of preparedness which are the consequence of unhappy, failed or broken marriages, we believe it’s best to be proactive.

Our Commitment

marriage proposal commitment

We are committed to prepare singles for their big life time decision with the launch of our PREMARITAL ASSISTANCE initiative. We call it the “PA Program”. It’s a guide for singles that are yet to make a commitment to a partner or are committed but uncertain of their decision.



It consists of two sections namely; the BID and the SID which are acronyms for “Before I Decide” and before you “Say I Do” respectively. Both sections are designed to address and equip you to manage the top 8 reasons why marriages end in divorces.



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The first phase of the PA [Premarital Assistance] program requires you to take the BID Assessment Questionnaire. The assessment questionnaire gives you a checklist of critical factors you ought to consider before proposing marriage or consenting to a marriage proposal.

My husband and i used the BID questions  while we were dating and in courtship. Hence i am sharing these with you as a guide, so you can focus on the right things and be sure you are making the best of your life’s most important decision.


premarital assessment score

After completing the BID questionnaire,  your assessment score will be generated and communicated to you. Depending on your assessment score, a designated member of our team of SPA coaches might require a counseling session with you to discuss and support you in making the best decisions.

Take the BID Assesment


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Most people make huge time or financial investments in their wedding, but are less willing to invest as much in their marriage where they will spend their life time. Failure to think through your marriage and your readiness is one of the worst way to hurt yourself. The SID questionnaire is meant to help you with a checklist of yourself.


assement for 2While the BID questionnaire does a thorough check on your partners readiness, the SID gives you a personal assessment of you. Are you ready to “SAY I DO”? Hush!!! before you say yes, have you thought and discussed finances and management, inheritances, have you thought of what he or she could look like in the next five years or more? Can you put up with what you see? Discover more stunning considerations that most people ignore.


Similarly, after completing the SID questionnaire,  your assessment score will be generated and communicated to you. A counseling session may be required depending on your overall assessment result.