About SPA Coach


A prolific writer, author, motivational speaker, marriage counsellor, coach and mentor to many Nigerian Youths. She derives joy in pre-marital counselling on the choice of life partners in accordance with scriptural principles. She is a COACH to spinsters, bachelors and middle-aged couples whose marriages are floundering.

With over 10 years of blissful marriage, she is blessed with four kids. Her wealth of personal experience in marriage, trainings, studies and divine leadership informs her teachings, principles, guidance and coaching value

Born in Lagos Nigeria, a native of Ughelli North in Delta state south- south Nigeria, to the family of late Pastor F.A. Onofeghara; an Elder in RCCG and a Professor at the University of Port-Harcourt.

Ufuoma” Thrills, Frills and Inspires

ABOUT-UFUOMAShe is passionate, creative and inspirational musician, who brings excitement, healing, lifting and deliverance to all in need through testimonies both young and old, in order to create a memorable experience they will want to share with people

Ufuoma is called to worship. With a calm singing style she has ushered many in concerts, crusades and churches into the presence of God. Ufuoma regards music as a tool that breaks barriers, reaches anyone.

Ufuoma developed her love for music and the gospel at an early age, inspired by Yolanda Adams. The more she watched her performance, the more she wanted to sing like her. She was further inspired by Shirley Caesar and Whitney Houston. Her love for Jazz music takes her to the stable of Jill Scot and Ella Fitzgerald. These all stirred her into singing in the school choir and later at the local church choir.